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Who are we

Founded in 1973, Tekmetsan had been operated as a machine and truck dumper manufacturer for about 30 years. In the beginning of 2000, the company has shifted its business area into sheet metal fabrication works as a result of restructuring.

With this new focus on steel and sheet fabrication, Tekmetsan has invested heavily on the technological machinery comprising various CNC steel processing machine and equipment. By 2014, It has launched its new factory which increased the closed production are up to 3300 square meters.


Tekmetsan is a family run company with collective management system. The tasks and responsibilities of each organization level are clearly identified and the business operations are run through these principles.


Our company prioritizes the occupational HSE of the employees. All the measurements in this context are performed prior to the commencement of any work.


Thanks to its state of the art machinery and experienced engineering team, Tekmetsan has the ability to overcome the most complex and sophisaticated challanges. Our goal is to offer the best engineering solution with the ideal price.


Time management is essential not only for the effective utilization of our resources but also to comply with the client’s work plan. Resource planning and allocating enough capacity for each project is one of our top competitive edges.


Steel Structures enable a broader aesthetical variaty compared to the concrete architecture. Technological advancement in steel processing is creating great opportunities to designers as well as producers. Tekmetsan design philosophy considers not only the resilience and functionality of the structures but also its integrity to its surrounding and nature.


Metal is a part of human life and nature. Steel, which is an environmentally friendly material, is a construction material that is very fast and easy to recycle. Steel fabrication has a more environmentally friendly production process than concrete production. Our company takes care not to emit harmful substances to the environment in any production process and helps protecting our world.


Steel Buildings, Hangars, Warehouses, Steel Bridges & Overpasses of all sorts. See our references.


A Prefabricated steel building is an off-site manufactured building system which incorporates steel frame, roofing and cladding components, fabricated in a specialized factory and shipped later to site for quick assembly with bolts and screws.

The length of time to construct a steel building is dependent entirely on the site conditions, the project size and erection plan.

Based on our previous experiences, erection of a 1000 sqm building may take between 2-3 weeks.

The length of time to fabricate a steel building is dependent entirely on the project size, coating options and client preferences. Based on our previous experiences, fabrication of a 1000 sqm steel structure may take between 3-4 weeks.

Yes, you can build your building by yourself but we recommend you to use professional steel erectors which comply with all local health and safety regulations.

Steel buildings are constructed on various kind of foundations. You will need a local engineer to design the foundation. Tekmetsan provides necessary input for your local engineer to make the most ideal foundation design for your building.

Tekmetsan initially includes the anchor bolts in the packing list for all projects. However, in case the client wants to pour the foundation in advance, they can procure the anchor bolts locally based on the technical specifications provided by Tekmetsan. This will save time and will help the client to start the erection works as soon as the materials arrive at the site.

We also able to fabricate projects designed by others. Just send us your project and let us work on a quotation.

All our structures are designed according to the Eurocode standards with customized local loads. We cooperate with our clients’ PE to comply with the local building codes.

We offer several types and R-values of insulation specifically designed for steel buildings that help control condensation and can also be used for climate controlled buildings.

Our core product is the structural frame of the buildings. Besides the frame, we offer various roofing and cladding materials such as insulated panels, aluminum panels, single skin sheets and etc. We also offer bespoke, stairs, canopies, mezzanine, and architectural metalwork.

We offer 50 years of structural warranty for our steel structures.

We have various coating and colour options based on the customer preferences and site environment.

Our factory is located in the northeast of Turkey. We both use sea and land freight for the delivery of our structures.