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Building faster and smarter steel prefab buildings

Building faster and smarter steel buildings

Tekmetsan Steel Buildings save time and money in many ways.

Naturally, faster construction is convenient for consumers and their building projects. However, time is even more critical for commercial or industrial construction.

For the commercial builder, the quicker a structure is completed, the less spent on builder’s time and labour.

For the commercial client, the faster their building is completed, the sooner it opens for business and earns a return on the investment.

A Tekmetsan prefabricated building saves time in various ways;

Save Time When Ordering Tekmetsan Buildings

Working with someone who really knows both the product and construction is critical.

Tekmetsan’s metal building specialists bring years of hands-on construction experience and an extensive knowledge of the Tekmetsan steel building system to the table. They have a complete picture of your project specifics before they issue you a metal building quote.

Our exceptional technical staff will answer your every question.  They also share valuable insights and ideas for streamlining or improving your design.


Our Design Software Saves Time on a Prefabricated Building

Steel is a strong, consistent, and predictable building material.  Therefore, it is the ideal material for state-of-the-art computer aided design software.

By making optimal use of steel’s inherent strength, sophisticated steel engineering software significantly reduces design time for TEKMETSAN metal prefab buildings.

Our 3d structural analysis software also ensures the structural integrity of the framing throughout your Tekmetsan structure.

In addition, Tekmetsan’s software quickly and efficiently generates manufacturing drawings for the individual framing components of our steel prefab building kits.

That also speeds up the manufacturing process for your structure.

Fewer Framing Pieces in Our Metal Building Kits

Steel has the strongest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.

Design and engineering software works together to create the most efficient use of steel.

Consequently, the framing requires far fewer framing components for a very solid, durable structure.

Tekmetsan Steel Prefab Buildings Ship Quickly

TEKMETSAN typically ships metal prefab building kits in four to seven weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your building project.

TEKMETSAN Steel Prefab Building Kits Ship Everything Together

Options ordered with your framing package arrive with your steel framing package.

Tekmetsan prefabricated building options include:

Insulated and non-insulated panels
• Gutters and downspouts
• Skylights and wall lights
• Vents
Mezzanines and Canopies
Therefore, you will not be waiting around for various shipments to arrive from other sources.

Our Metal Prefab Buildings Go Up Fast

In a Tekmetsan prefabricated building, all the structural components arrive from the factory ready to assemble.  There is no need for cutting, welding, punching, or drilling.  Everything comes marked and ready to bolt and screw together.

In fact, most clients find they significantly reduce construction time with Tekmetsan metal prefab building kits.


Tekmetsan’s experienced staff and streamlined production system helps bring your project in on time and on budget.