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Custom Metal Frame Building for your specifications

Custom Metal Frame Building for your specifications

Tekmetsan custom metal buildings are affordable, simple to erect, cost-effective to operate, strong, reliable, and very versatile.

Tekmetsan’s Custom Metal Buildings Offer Amazingly Flexible Designs

With today’s advanced structural steel computer programs, a Tekmetsan frame building is quick and economical to design. You just order the building size that best fits your needs and budget and then let us take care of the rest.

In a Tekmetsan portal frame steel building, columns are typically spaced 6 meters apart.

Our clear span buildings range from 4 meters to 50 meters in width. Adding a single centre column in each frame allows structures as wide as 300 meters.

Figure 1 Clear Span Buildings

Only steel is strong enough to handle the loads for such massive dimensions.
Our pre-engineered metal buildings have no length constraints.  And all our structural steel buildings extend easily for later expansion.
A Tekmetsan metal framed structure can also be up to 12 meters or more in height.
Also, all Tekmetsan metal frame buildings work on any foundation system, including perimeter footing, pier-and beam, and concrete slab.


Custom Metal Buildings with Remarkably Precise Fabrication

Every Tekmetsan prefab steel frame building is cut, welded, and drilled precisely to exacting industry standards.  Tolerances are tight.

When completed, fabricators mark each part for easy identification on the job site.

A Tekmetsan Steel Frame Building Provides Adaptable Floor Plans

Since the Tekmetsan steel framing is completely self-supporting, you will enjoy complete freedom for your interior layout.
Our prefab metal buildings also make remodelling a snap. Change wall locations and remodel as you need, without worrying about load-bearing walls.

Today’s metal buildings do not look like the old tin barns of past.  In fact, there are no limits to the exterior looks available with a Tekmetsan steel building system.

Complete your Tekmetsan metal framed structure with brick, colourful steel panels, decorative block, aluminium panel, glass, stone, wood— or in any combination of these materials.

In addition, you may customize your metal frame building with gutters, energy-saving insulation, canopies and mezzanines, overhangs, parapets, skylights, vents, wall lights, and sturdy entry and overhead doors.


The Countless Uses for Tekmetsan Prefab Metal Buildings

You will find there is a Tekmetsan metal building solution for almost any application. In fact, buyers find that Tekmetsan’s steel building systems adapt perfectly for every use imaginable. For example:
Helicopter hangars and shade structures
Automotive, mechanic, and welding shops
• Barns, livestock shades, stables, sheds
• Commercial structures
• Distribution centres and warehouses
• Equestrian riding arenas
• Gymnasiums, sports and recreational centres
• Industrial and manufacturing operations
• Office buildings
• Outdoor pavilions
• Residential storage, RVs and boat garages, multi-purpose garages, and workshops
• Restaurants
• Self-storage operations
• Stores and other retail businesses
• Vehicle dealerships and showrooms
Tekmetsan offers the most versatile metal buildings in the industry today.