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Designing Metal Buildings

Designing Metal Buildings

Many Customers new to the pre-engineered building concept often call us asking for a product catalogue of our metal building plans. 

New building buyers think they must choose from a list of available models. They expect to go through a limited number of metal building floor plans, and then settle for the one closest to what they really want.

Unfortunately we do not offer such product catalogue due to the customized nature of our business. Every TEKMETSAN order is designed and manufactured to the customer’s specific ideas and location.

TEKMETSAN provides you a custom-designed structure at a catalogue design price! 

We design the steel structure according to your own floor plan.

You provide us the size of the building you need— length, width, and height.  You decide the exterior siding, the options and accessories, the roof pitch and style, the door and window styles and placement— everything. 

A TEKMETSAN metal building will reflect your unique vision— not someone else’s idea from a catalogue of metal building plans.

Based on your choices— in coordination with your architect or engineer— our structural designers go to work to custom-draft your structure. 

Once you approve the design and place your order, we send detailed fabrication drawings for final confirmation.

The entire metal building kit ships to your job site— ready to assemble— in a matter of weeks.

Limitless Possibilities for TEKMETSAN Metal Building Plans

TEKMETSAN allows great freedom for metal building floor plans thanks to its design engineering and the strength of structural steel.

Steel boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any structural material.  Relying on the predictability of that strength, designers create the strongest possible structure with optimum amount of material. 

In other structural systems, load-bearing columns or walls limit your floor plan options.  However, a clear span TEKMETSAN metal building supports its own weight without interior structural supports. 

With TEKMETSAN clear span metal prefab buildings, you layout the interior any way you want— and change if needed— without worrying about compromising the structural integrity of the building.

Sketch your metal building floor plans. For complex commercial projects, you may opt to work with an architect that is highly experienced with metal prefab buildings. 

Work with the TEKMETSAN to design your steel building plans
TEKMETSAN metal prefabricated buildings offer a number of advantages over other construction choices. TEKMETSAN’s custom steel buildings are:

• Affordable
• Attractive
• Damage resistant
• Durable
• Easy to erect
• Eco-friendly
• Energy efficient
• Inexpensive to operate
• Strong
• Versatile
• Weather resistant

Trust your building project to TEKMETSAN, the metal prefabricated buildings company that stands out from the rest.