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Engineer of Record for the Steel Building

Engineer of Record for the Steel Building

The engineering team of Tekmetsan has a wide range of structural diversity and expertise. With more than 10 years of experience in the metal building industry, we can meet any of your structural design needs for your next metal building project. 

However, typically the metal building manufacturer is only responsible for the structural design of the metal building system. Items not provided by Tekmetsan must be designed by “another” design professional. 

Please see below for a list of services that that should be provided by the EOR (Engineer of Record).

  • Local Building Codes
    • Code & Design Load Determination
    • Serviceability Determination
    • Other
  • Foundation Design
    • Footings and Slabs
    • Block Foundations
  • Wall Cladding Design
    • CMU
    • Tilt-up Concrete
    • Brick and Metal Studs
  • Retrofit of Existing Buildings
    • Expansion
    • Occupancy Change
    • Unanticipated Load Additions

Metal building systems have evolved over the decades into collection of structural items that work together as a very efficient structural system. The fundamental parts of the metal building system are: primary members of load bearing frames, secondary members composed of wall girts and roof purlins, bracing and cladding. Metal building system design may seem simple at first, but the complex interaction of these components into a durable and robust system is a challenging engineering job. Tekmetsan have demonstrated this experience and are on the leading edge of systems design.

In a metal building systems, design responsibilities are usually divided between the manufacturer and the design professional or EOR (Engineer of Record). Therefore, a clear understanding of their respective roles, as well as coordination and interaction are vital for success. Tekmetsan has a deep experience engaging with clients’ EORs and interact in the most effective way from initial contact to the completion of the building construction.

For a successful project execution and compliance with the local building regulations, the building manufacturer is responsible only for the structural design of the metal building system it sells to the building.
The manufacturer is not the EOR for the construction project. The manufacturer is not responsible for the design of any components or materials not sold by them.
Nor are they responsible for the interface and connection of other components with the metal building system, unless such design responsibility is specifically required by the order documents.
However, Tekmetsan always take a further step and engages in the design of the components which are connected to its steel building system.
It is the responsibility of the metal building manufacturer to design a metal building system to conform to the specifications, including the design criteria and design loads incorporated by the builder.

We recommend that the customer to work with a local EOR which will be responsible for specifying the design criteria for the metal building system.
These design criteria should include the geometric requirements, all applicable codes and design loads, site and construction conditions that affect design criteria, and serviceability criteria.
This will enable the client to ensure the builders/manufacturers bidding on the project understand and interpret the requirements in a similar and accurate manner.
Just as importantly, a proper specification ensures the building performs satisfactorily and meets the owner’s requirements.
The metal building system is just one element of the total construction project.
Tekmetsan does not provide site preparation, mechanical work, electrical design, and certain building envelope components/accessories.
The EOR is typically responsible for these important elements of the project as well as floor slabs, interior/exterior concrete masonry and /or tilt-up walls, and the connection of these walls to the metal building framing.
With regard to the foundation design, Tekmetsan does prepare the anchor bolt plans showing the location, diameter, and projection of the bolts required to attach the metal building system to the foundation.


Tekmetsan engages with the clients’ EOR throughout the project to provide a smooth progress and peace of mind to its customers while at the same time complying local building regulations and specific project requirements.