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Quick Facts about Steel Buildings

Quick Facts about Steel Buildings

Why do so many people choose metal for building? The pre-engineered steel building facts speak for themselves.

Almost all the industrial buildings and majority of the commercial structures are being constructed with steel frames.

1. Prefab Metal for Building is the deal

The return on investment is one of the major criteria in decision making and steel buildings offer lowest cost per square meter. Like any other business, building owners focus hard on the bottom line. 

Steel certainly could not hold such a lead in commercial and industrial construction if metal buildings were not affordable.

Using steel for building costs less over time, too.  For example:

• Heating and cooling is significantly cheap in a well-insulated steel building 

• Metal structures require very little maintenance

2: A Steel Frame Building Creates a Stronger Structure

Steel has the highest strength to section ratio which provides strongest structures with minimum material usage. Neither concrete, nor timber can provide this performance.

3: Span Farther When Using Steel for Building

Many commercial and industrial buildings require huge, open interiors.  Steel frames enable to build spans over 30 meters without any columns inside the building. Even for the spans less than 30 meters, steel frames offers the cost advantage compared to the concrete and timber frame structures. Steel is the ideal frame system for structures like these;

• Airplane and helicopter hangars
• Barns
Metal Auto Repair Workshops
• Large restaurants
• Manufacturing plants
• Vehicle showrooms
Warehouses and distribution centers
• Other large commercial and industrial projects

4: It is Simpler to Build Steel Frame Buildings

Prefabricated steel components make a prefab metal building kit very easy to erect. 

No steel work is left to the construction site, everything arrives cut, welded, shaped, drilled, painted, and marked. After the offside fabrication each part is clearly marked and delivered ready to assemble without further processing.

5: Fast Fabrication and Quick Delivery

Thanks to developments in machining technology, steel parts are all fabricated with state of the art CNC machines providing quick lead times and high quality control.

Tekmetsan optimizes its building design to provide fast and safe erection works, eliminating possible risks and threats beforehand.

6: Sustainable Buildings

Steel buildings also outperform other frame type building in terms of sustainability as well.

When you build steel frame structures, they last decades longer than other types of buildings. Steel framed buildings have longer lifetime, require less maintenance and have a value even when its lifetime is over. 

7: Green Buildings with steel

Steel is also an eco-friendly material, and its 100% recyclable.

No matter how many times steel is recycled, it remains just as strong as it was in its first time.