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Steel Structure Connection Types

Steel Structure Connection Types

When it comes to steel construction, steel connection is one of the most crucial design component, in terms of cost as well as integrity of the structure. If connection types and arrangements are not carefully chosen, it can account for up to 20% of total cost of the production.

Most commonly used connections are the bolted connections.  This connection has the advantage of flexibility in assembling parts of the structure as well as dissembling it and which is necessary if there is inspection or some routine maintenance. This type of connections is applicable for members subjected to tension or shear or both tension and shear. 

The advantages of bolted connections are as follows:

• The process of erection of structure can be made faster.

• Skilled labours are not necessary.

• Connections do not involve the noise.

• Less labour requirement

• Immediate use of structure is possible in case of bolted connection.

• The alternative arrangement of structural members is possible if required.

• Lesser working area is required.

Some frequently used connections are

• Base plates
• Fixed moment end plate
• Apex Haunch
• Clip Angle
• Gusset
• Splice
• Gable wall
• Bracing