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Steel Types and Grades

Steel Types and Grades

Steel offers exceptional qualities in terms of mechanical resistance. Of the most commonly used materials in construction, it demonstrates the greatest resistance for the lightest section, both in tension and compression. This opens the door for architects to a wide choice of technical and aesthetic solutions. 

The main steel grades that we are using in our structures are S235, S275 and S355 for structural members.

Steel Product Types

The steel products can be classified into two main categories, as shown in the below figure

1. Hot Rolled Profiles

Hot rolled long products (often referred to as ‘sections’ or ‘profiles’) are generally used for the main frame members (columns, beams, bracings).

Sections undergo various transformations through cutting, welding, bending etc., in order to obtain very different shapes and improved performance.

2. Cold Formed Long Products

Cold formed long products, formed from thin sheet steel, are generally used as secondary members for cladding (rails) and roofs (purlins)

3. Flat Products
In metal building construction, the use of flat products is mainly for the following purposes:
• Steel decking for floors
• Roofs
• Cladding
For each of these purposes, thin sheet steel is used, frequently formed into profiled sheets