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Time saving benefits of working with Tekmetsan

Time saving benefits of working with Tekmetsan 

Time saving is essential for commercial builders. Every additional hour of construction raises their total project costs.

Tekmetsan optimizes the steel design for a quick, easy and safe erection process.

Metal Building Experts

Tekmetsan’s specialists bring years of hands-on metal building construction experience to the table. They can offer you valuable advice on streamlining and improving your construction project. Their expertise helps bring your project in on time and budget.

Lightning Fast Design/Engineering System

State-of-the-art steel engineering software dramatically shrinks design time for Tekmetsan’s prefab metal structures.
In addition, our three-dimensional structural analysis programs ensure the integrity of your steel building design. And as an added time saver, today’s computer-aided-design software quickly generates detailed fabrication drawings. These drawings dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of manufacturing your building.

Quicker Delivery
All our steel structure orders ship directly from our factory in Turkey to your job site. Our factory is located very close to the container port which will save time and slash your freight costs, too.