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Value Engineering Structures

Value Engineering Structures

More than one reasonable, safe and acceptable solution can often be applied to a particular design. Value engineering asks: “Which acceptable solution is most economical?” and “Does an entirely different and better approach exist?” To answer both questions effectively, depth and breadth of experience is required.

The performance benefits of steel in relation to strength, stiffness, lightness, prefabrication and quality are facilitated by a range of principles for value engineering at each stage of a project and across a number of stakeholders, including: 

• lighter is not always better 

• utilise prefabrication and modularisation when appropriate

• implement responsive member and connection detailing

• repetition and standardisation

• design for construction 

• minimise the potential for variations

design for economy 

• life cycle costing

Vastly experienced Tekmetsan engineering department provides value engineering for all projects even without it is requested by the client. We believe having over 70% repetitive or referred clients is the outcome of this standard procedure. 


Some value engineering activities that we are constantly checking are;

• Suggesting changes to parts to give better nest utilisation and avoid material wastage

• Designing parts for manufacture that suit existing capabilities

• Taking down material gauges but adding design features to retain structural integrity

• Making assemblies easier to assemble

• Adding features which will provide fast and safe erection

• Substituting materials based on the availability on the market and price levels.