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What is a pre-engineered steel building ?

What is a pre-engineered steel building ?

There is not one but many definition of pre-engineered steel building

• A cost-efficient building system alternative to conventional construction
• A steel building designed for the most efficient use of raw materials
• A structural system generally including steel framing, roofing, and wall cladding
• A structure built on site using prefabricated components
• A simplified, streamlined building system designed for quick construction

Check out the below video prepared by American Metal Building Builder Association.

The versatility of steel prefab buildings makes them a popular building solution for commercial enterprises, industrial structures, and even personal use buildings.

Designing a Pre-engineered Steel Building

Tekmetsan pre-engineered steel buildings are not standard designs ordered from a catalog. Each of our prefab building is designed, engineered, and fabricated for the specific project, based on the customer’s needs.

Based on the customer-supplied details, computer-aided design software creates working plans and detailed drawings.

Current local building codes, equipment loads, and other detailed criteria are fed into advanced steel engineering programs.

Every order includes an anchor bolt plan and a full set of assembly plans.


Fabricating a Pre-engineered Steel Building

Drawings detailing the manufacturing of every piece of the framing arrive at the manufacturing plant.

Each individual component of the framing is precision cut, shaped, welded, drilled, painted, and marked per the exacting specifications in the drawings.

Tekmetsan supplies prefab buildings with a single-source shipment of the entire steel framing system. 
All the framing pieces and accessories ship together.
 Everything arrives at your job site on an agreed schedule.

Erecting Prefab Buildings

Typically, a steel prefabricated building erects in significantly shorter time of more labour-intensive construction methods.

Detailed drawings shows the exact location of every piece of the framing puzzle.  It is just a matter of installing the pre-marked pieces in the locations indicated. All structural members bolt together easily.


Pre-engineered prefab buildings are the modern solution for low rise buildings on practicality, price, and performance. With years of experiences, Tekmetsan offers design and fabrication of pre-engineered buildings.