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What is a steel framed building system?

What is a steel framed building system?


A steel framed building system creates an incredibly strong, long-lasting, affordable structure.

The flexibility of pre-engineered steel buildings makes them the ideal building solution for most low-rise agricultural, aviation, commercial, industrial, recreational, and storage buildings.

Check out the below video prepared by American Metal Building Builder Association.

What exactly is a Steel Framed Building System?

A metal building system is a system designed by a sophisticated steel structural software according to the design criteria and parameters. 

The software then generates detailed drawings for the fabrication of each framing component of the prefabricated metal building. 

Factory-trained professionals manufacture each piece of the framing to these exacting specifications.  Fabricators cut, shape, weld, drill, punch, paint, and mark each framing piece for quick identification.

Our steel framing systems ship to the job site, ready to assemble.

Pre-engineered Steel Building components

The steel building framing erects in a systematic, logical order:

• Factory-produced steel column and rafter beams bolt together with heavy-duty steel bolts and nuts, forming a single frame.

• These frames bolt to the foundation, creating a “bay”— the area between two frames.

Steel girts are attached to the sides of the columns for cladding support.

Steel purlins connect the frames across the roof.

• Typically, insulation (sandwich) panels screw to the roof and exterior walls forming the “skin” of the prefabricated metal building. However, a metal building system may also be finished with block, brick, glass, aluminium, tilt-up concrete, or any other traditional exterior finish.

In addition, all Tekmetsan pre-engineered steel buildings include an anchor bolt diagram and a set of plans for the erection works.

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You can trust our experienced metal building specialists to answer your every building question.  They can also provide valuable professional advice for streamlining your prefabricated metal building project.